Release Notes


  • [improvement] add getstatic
  • [bug] fix Arthas class loader logs loading issues
  • [improvement] introduce OGNL to customize classloader to invoke static methods
  • [improvement] optimise termd uppercase output performance
  • [improvement] classloader compile in class loader category by default
  • [bug] fix wc counting issue
  • [improvement] disable certain JDK classes e.g. Classloader, Method, Integer and the lik
  • [improvement] quit directly when encountering incorrect OGNL expression
  • [bug] fix pipe issues
  • [improvement] optimize command re-direct features using asynchronous log
  • [improvement] trace can filter JDK method calls


  • [improvement] improve the error message when starting agent and server fails
  • [bug] fix some asynchronous issues


  • [improvement] async supported
  • [improvement] optimize jad support JDK 8 and inner class
  • [bug] fix Chinese encoding issues


  • [improvement] tt investigating/recording level one to avoid too much performance overhead
  • [bug] fix Chinese characters can not be presented issue


  • Arthas 3.0 release :confetti_ball:


  • [feature] support -h to print help info
  • [bug] [#121] fix leftover temp files causing Arthas cannot start issue
  • [bug] [#123] fix attach/shutdown repeatedly causing Arthas classloader leakage issue
  • [improvement] make the help info more readable
  • [bug] [#126] fix the documents links issues
  • [bug] [#122] fix the classloader filtering out sun.reflect.DelegatingClassLoader issue
  • [bug] [#129] fix classloader presenting structure issues
  • [improvement] [#125] make the Arthas log output more readable
  • [improvement] [#96] sc and more commands are supporting format as com/taobao/xxx/TestClass
  • [bug] [#124] fix the negative values of trace
  • [improvement] [#128] the output of tt will auto-expand now
  • [bug] [#130] providing more meaningful error messages when port conflicts
  • [bug] [#98] fix Arthas starting issue: when updating/downloading failed, Arthas will fail to start
  • [bug] [#139] fix agent attaching fails under some scenarios issues
  • [improvement] [#156] delay jd-core-java initialization to avoid Arthas starting failure
  • [bug] avoid thread names duplicate issue
  • [improvement] [#150] filtering by total time cost in trace
  • [bug] fix sc NPE issue when searching SystemClassloader
  • [bug] [#180] fix attach fails issues: attaching succeed at the first time, delete the Arthas installer, re-compile and package => attaching fails


  • [bug] fix NPE when loading spy as resource
  • [improvement] locating the blocking thread
  • [improvement] print out thread in name order
  • [improvement] specify the refreshing interval when checking topN busiest threads


  • [feature] specify refreshing interval and execution times in dashboard
  • [feature] log the command execution result
  • [feature] speed up the booting and attaching while the first attaching is even quicker by 100% than before
  • [feature] batch supported; script supported
  • [feature] interactive mode used in Arthas
  • [feature] inheritance relation included in class searching; global option disable-sub-class can be used to turn it off
  • [feature] colorful and plain text modes both supported
  • [improvement] merge exit and quit commands
  • [improvement] help info enclosed with wiki links
  • [improvement] optimize watch using flow for better UX
  • [improvement] add examples to thread
  • [improvement] auto-completion ignores character case
  • [improvement] make the UI more beautiful/friendly
  • [bug] fix trace printing too much encountering loop issues
  • [bug] fix trace node twisting issues when method throwing exceptions
  • [bug] fix injected/enhanced BootstrapClassLoader cannot locate spy issues


  • [feature] checking the topN thread and related stack traces
  • [bug] fix Arthas starting failure in OpenJdk issues (requiring to reinstall
  • [improvement] optimize UX


  • [improvement] optimise jad; dump memory byte array in real time; using jd-core-java to decompile; line number presented;
  • [bug] fix checking/re-producing issues when tt is watching thread-context related methods invoking


  • [bug] jad NPE
  • [bug] watch/monitor NPE
  • [bug] wrong escaping issues
  • [bug] wrong statistics
  • [bug] sc checking internal structure issues


  • Arthas 2.0 Beta :boom:!