Web Console

Connect arthas through the browser

Arthas supports the Web Console. After attach success, the user can access:

The user can fill in the IP and connect the remote arthas on other machines.


By default, arthas only listens to, so if you want to connect from a remote, you can use the --target-ip parameter to specify the IP. See the help description for -h for more information.

If you have suggestions for the Web Console, please leave a message here: https://github.com/alibaba/arthas/issues/15

Connect remote arthas through arthas tunnel server

Download and deploy arthas tunnel server


Arthas tunnel server is a spring boot fat jar application, start with the java -jar command:

java -jar  arthas-tunnel-server.jar

By default, the web port of the arthas tunnel server is 8080, and the port connected by the arthas agent is 7777.

Once started, you can go to http://localhost:8080/ and connect to the registered arthas agent via agentId.

Through Spring Boot’s Endpoint, you can view the specific connection information: http://localhost:8080/actuator/arthas, the login user name is arthas, and the password can be found in the log of arthas tunnel server, for example:

32851 [main] INFO o.s.b.a.s.s.UserDetailsServiceAutoConfiguration

Using generated security password: f1dca050-3777-48f4-a577-6367e55a78a2

Connecting to the tunnel server when starting arthas

When starting arthas, you can use the --tunnel-server parameter, for example:

as.sh --tunnel-server 'ws://'
  • You can specify the agentId by the --agent-id parameter. By default, a random ID is generated.

After Arthas attach succeeds, the agentId will be printed, such as:

  ,---.  ,------. ,--------.,--.  ,--.  ,---.   ,---.
 /  O  \ |  .--. ''--.  .--'|  '--'  | /  O  \ '   .-'
|  .-.  ||  '--'.'   |  |   |  .--.  ||  .-.  |`.  `-.
|  | |  ||  |\  \    |  |   |  |  |  ||  | |  |.-'    |
`--' `--'`--' '--'   `--'   `--'  `--'`--' `--'`-----'

wiki      https://alibaba.github.io/arthas
tutorials https://alibaba.github.io/arthas/arthas-tutorials
version   3.1.2
pid       86183
time      2019-08-30 15:40:53
id        URJZ5L48RPBR2ALI5K4V

If the connection is not connected to the tunnel server at startup, you can also obtain the agentId through the session command after reconnection succeeds:

[arthas@86183]$ session
 Name           Value
 JAVA_PID       86183
 SESSION_ID     f7273eb5-e7b0-4a00-bc5b-3fe55d741882

For the above example, go to in the browser and input the agentId to connect to arthas on remote machine.


How arthas tunnel server works

browser <-> arthas tunnel server <-> arthas tunnel client <-> arthas agent