A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI

Competitive Edge



low footprint,simple syntax,and easy to use



abundant build-in components,extendable apis,various events

High Performance

High Performance

load fast,render fast,better Experience

Help you build real Native App

Different from "web app" , "HTML5 app" and "hybrid app", you can use Weex to build a real mobile app. More intimate is that you write the code is relatively simple, just use HTML, CSS, Javascript can build native applications.But in fact, the bottom of the application is Objective-C or Java. At the same time, Weex will provide a lot of native components or modules for developers to use.

Write Once Run Everywhere

Weex provides the ability to cross platform, such as the web, Android and IOS can use the same API development function. At the same time, we provide a rich extension of the interface. In this way, it will be very convenient when you need to extend native components or modules.

Supporting Vue syntax

Weex follows the web standard, while supporting the "vue.js" syntax. So, you can use the "vue.js" syntax to develop applications.

How it works

Weex is a extendable cross-platform solution for dynamic programming and publishing projects. In the source code you can write pages or components with <template>, <style> and <script> tags, and then transform them into bundles for deploying. In server-side we can use these JS bundles for client request. When client get a bundle from server, it will be processed by client-side JavaScript engine and manages the native view rendering, the native API invoking and user interactions.

Who use it

People says


Tianyu Chen

Zhong An Insurance, R&D Director

Weex is not only flexible and powerful, but also allows front-end developers to maximize the reuse of existing technology to help us design a new cross-platform architecture, and as soon as possible into the implementation phase.


Jianfeng Lin

Eleme, FE Leader

Weex provides Web development efficiency and Native performance, comparable to our iterative speed requirements of the team is relatively high, is currently the best solution.


Taicheng Huang

Tmall, Technical Expert

Weex as a lightweight rendering engine also provides a very convenient plug-in mechanism, so that each side can put their ability to play out, give full play to the cat's business, and good support for Global Shopping Festival.