GCanvas start since 2013 in alibaba. At that time, canvas animation running on a mobile app was really a nightmare(at least in most cases). A few severe problems prevented developers utilizing the canvas in a wide way:

  • slow performance
  • bad compatibility(especially on Android)
  • lack of completeness of canvas APIs

To solve the problems mentioned above, we decided to write a cross-platform solutions and provide APIs in JavaScript fully aligned with HTML5 canvas APIs. To ensure the performance, C++ with OpenGL ES appears to be the only way.

Time has passed, powerful mobile hybrid frameworks such as ReactNative/Weex have become popular, but Canvas/WebGL has been scarcely implemented on these frameworks. So we have GCanvas integrated into the most popular framework to provide high performance canvas APIs.

Contributors: 腾渊 兵长 芒格 许凡 米悠 济宇 星宝 宬豪 济翼 怀听 凝砺 荣木 清滢 韩锷 鸾萱 二同 韦青 胡帅 叶斋 寒泉

Great appreciate all GCanvas contributors.

Active maintainers: